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In the wild different species of animals have found ways to come together and form relationships in groups to rely on one another for food, shelter, and protection from predators. Human beings also have this need for supportive mutually beneficial groups. 



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Group therapy is created when about 4 to 10 people come together in a safe supportive setting; where they can interact with me as the therapist and other individuals with similar struggles. Understanding group dynamics and processes is of utmost importance, and I have been running groups since my second year at University. There are many different types of groups that can be utilised to improve general and specific issues such as social anxieties, self-esteem, weight issues, grief and loss, depression and anxiety etc.
Initially, it may seem a daunting thought to expose yourself to other strangers in a group setting. But as the group facilitator, it is my job to create a safe environment of respect, conducive to doing the work of personal growth. Within no time group cohesion and trust are developed where individuals feel safe and open to express their thoughts and beliefs.  As you will usually be in a group with others experiencing similar issues to yourself, there’s that sense of “all being in the same boat”. This helps to create a non-judgmental atmosphere and being more inclined to feel comfortable with people you can relate to.  When you feel there is no stigma attached to you or your challenges, members are able to connect and learn from each other in a supportive and encouraging manner.  There is no sense of pressure and you choose how much and when to participate.  Often others in the group may help you find your voice or express concerns you may have had trouble with in the past. Sometimes they may trigger issues, helping to develop more awareness of yourself. Groups assist further in understanding how others interact, developing greater social skills. Many times after the groups have ended, long-lasting bonds between members are established.

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Please refer to the                     page to:

1. Inquire about existing groups being offered.

2. Any group that you may wish to request. Minimum of 4 members, a group will be established.

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