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People can acquire effective skills from understanding how prides of lion work together to create high-performance teams. How they strategically use their individual and group strengths and weakness and focus on the same shared outcome/goals. 

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Personal Life Coaching

Life coaching assists people to activate and unlock their own inner potential. Where you are now, where you wish to be and what may be getting in the way of your good intentions, may all seem confusing and elusive. 
I use various skills and techniques to help you understand how you may be limiting your own growth. We work together to explore the gap between your current situation and what you desire in order to reach your maximum goals and potential. It is a fun and adventurous learning experience, using both theoretical and practical methods and exercises, to understand what is important to you. We challenge limiting personal believe systems and develop new and useful ones, more constructive and valuable for you. You will learn varied problems solving techniques, discovering your own unique strengths which will improve your own performance.
 By appreciating your own strength, talents and inherent abilities you will become motivated and inspired to grow and thrive to be the best person you can and want to be. 


Organisational Development and Training 

I enter organisations as an organisational development consultant. I am trained as a change agent, using my cybernetic and systemic theories to develop strategic structures and processes- to assess and improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency. Cybernetic systems theories understand the complexities of how organisations work to adjust to internal and external changes. It understands how and why organisations need to adjust in order to self-regulate and progress towards seeking their acquired goals.
My methodologies and principles offer different and valuable perspectives to organizations; looking to become more effective, healthy and profitable. Using proactive activities and techniques, I create innovative talks, programmes, training and workshops. These focus on the needs and requirements of individual companies. All interventions are tailor-made for that specific organisation. Sometimes, specific programs are requested within the organisation such as assisting with decision making, communication, conflict management, team building etc. Other times a more general understanding of what the obstacles may be and suggested interventions needed for that company to reach its desired goals.
Training and coaching is done on all levels of employees and managers. Transferring of skills and creating change is done together as a collaborative process. Interventions are focused on workplace performance, creating a culture of empowerment and enthusiasm.

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